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Flag Banner -- Exploring Techniques and Embellishments
(and maybe learning a bit more about your sewing machine)

It is fun to have a bunting (flag banner) to display on your mantle, over a mirror or anywhere you want to make cheerful. Flag banners can be a great way to provide a seasonal splash of a color or celebrate a holiday or special occasion. This year’s block of the month is a series of small flags (5 1/2”x 7 1/2”) to put together as a “sampler” bunting with each one themed around the season. So get ready to use up some scraps!

Each month we’ll experiment with a different sewing or embellishment technique, many inspired by our monthly speakers. Some of these techniques you may have mastered and others you’ve thought about exploring. Some will involve features on your sewing machine that you may not have visited recently or are experimenting with for the first time. Each month’s pattern is simple so you don’t have to spend a lot of time. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself thinking about incorporating some of these techniques into your next quilt or just feel fulfilled because they are so easy you’ll have them completed in a jiffy.

How the BOM works - Each month the flag pattern and technique will be different, most will be inspired by the previous month’s guild speaker and be themed for the season. Each month the block will finish the same size (5 1/2”x 7 1/2”) and they will all have the same shape and will use the same hanging method- just simple buttonholes. We’ll use ribbon to weave through the buttonholes to hang all of the flags together at the end. By June, you’ll have made 7 flags and have a “sampler banner” to display. Since each pattern will be reflective of the season – for example October/Halloween, February/ Valentine’s Day, May/Spring – those of you who want a more “coordinated” group of flags (rather than totally scrappy) should think about incorporating the same color in all of your flags each month.

Additional FUN – We will be running an optional “BLOTTO”–
This is voluntary. Please consider making a 2nd flag and submit it and your name into a drawing for all of the flags turned in that month. Imagine having your name drawn to take home a special occasion banner of that month’s pattern showcasing the creativity of our guild members! FUN. Please consider making two and joining the BLOTTO fun– one you keep and one you bring to guild – and enter the drawing for ALL of the submitted flag blocks that month.


BOM General Directions Link
October Cat Flag

November Autumn Flag

January Decorative Stitches

February Shadow Applique
March Iris Folding

April Stained Glass Applique